Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Continuum Pictures Tip!: Web Presence

So there is no "proven" method to getting in the film business. None. That is a fact. Unless you're a Big Somebody's close relation, congrats, you officially have zero guarantees!

But look at it this way: you're now free to try anything! Nothing to lose! Yay!!

So how do you get into the biz? If you weren't lucky or smart or rich (for those of you paying for out of state tuition) enough to go to school in SoCal, you can probably count your industry contacts on one hand. That's not good. Industry contacts get you work. Working on sets/ production offices/ post houses gets you exposure. Exposure gets you more work. More work releases you from getting punched in the face at your survival job inside the Universal Studios Haunted House. So the math part is simple, get exposure. Now how the hell do you implement that easy math while working 3 jobs and checking in on Craigslist every 30 minutes pretending you're either on smoke break or have bowel issues?

A lot of people use the internet for hiring. Shocking, right? Now try this: Google yourself. How many of those hits on page 1 are you? If I find your business card on a board at the Coffee Bean how quickly can I find you? Most people today have the attention span of a ferret on meth, and that's what you're up against. How easy is it to find you and examples of your work?

Create a web presence. It's free in most cases. Cheap in a lot of cases. Remember, spend as LITTLE money as possible! There are kids in the entertainment industry that were driving Benz's before they worried about their SAT's. You cannot win that arms race. Be smarter, don't try to out-spend the competition! Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, all FREE! Reserving your name as a .com, $10 a year at GoDaddy. Beg, borrow, or steal that $10. Worth every penny. Use Wordpress to build a site, also free!

Remember, Carl Laemmle started out as an immigrant managing a dry goods store, and ended his life as the founder of Universal Studios. He didn't get there trying to buy his way to the top. He got there by making the smart moves and positioning himself to be successful. Do the same.

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