Sunday, October 30, 2011

Strong out of the gates at Continuum Pictures

Hello to currently non-existant readers. Hopefully you will not be so lonely in the near future.

Day 1 of the blog, the big online account of my march through hollywood. It's Sunday, Bears are on their bye, and I've actually spent the whole day without turning on the TV or my big computer. Just me and my lady relaxing. This is strange by pretty much every account of my normal daily life, so I'm just enjoying these last couple hours before hitting back on Monday morning.

This week should be pretty exciting, lots of possibilities, lots of options. Like that feeling you get walking into the Home Depot. So much you could do, and everything you need to do it is right in front of you. That's how I feel right now. We're busy as can be at Continuum Pictures, November is starting off jam-packed with the fresh ink on a picture deal "SHIVERS" that my buddy Danny and I will be co-directing in January. SciFi / vampire pic. Heavy on the action, heavy on the awesome. A foreign picture deal that could see Continuum expanding to another continent, that's brewing. James and I celebrated by abusing the "all you can eat shrimp'fest" at Red Lobster. Scripts and stories are being sent in, details to follow. There will be no sleep till Brooklyn Christmas. (Any Beastie Boys fans out there? One or two? Maybe?)

So start following this blog if you happen across it. This is where I'll be dishing out all the latest movements in my film endeavors, posting info on indie filmmaking, tips on how to make movies better/ faster/ cheaper, and also crying about the Chicago Bears. But only a manly cry. On the inside. Boys Don't Cry. Glad I saw it, never watching it again. I segue a LOT.